19 Apr 2021
Mercedes-Benz E 220d Automatic Diesel AMG Line - Available for rent in our park BDV Bestauto

We have completed our range of premium cars for rent with the new Mercedes E Class 2020. Let's find out together why this model is worth renting.

31 Mar 2021
The benefits of long term car rental

Long-term car rental is quite similar to the traditional one. The difference lies not only in the duration of the rental but also in the advantages that come with it. Find out in the next article what are the advantages of renting a car in the long run.

12 Mar 2021
Renting a Car: What you should pay attention

When you don't have your own car, rent a car services can be the saving solution in various situations. Not paying attention to certain details can change your entire experience with rent a car services, which is why we decided to present you a list of 6 things to pay attention to when renting a car.

14 Dec 2020
Car tips for the cold season

Unpredictable weather conditions in the cold season make driving difficult and can affect your car or rental car, as appropriate. In winter, in addition to changing tires, you must pay close attention to both the way you drive and the care of your car.

23 Nov 2020
Top 3 cars with the most beautiful interiors

You already know how much we are passionate about cars and beyond the power of a car and its reliability we are fascinated by design.

21 Sep 2020
Why are small engines a mistake?

Any car enthusiast would tell you that a small engine is a mistake and the truth is that he might be right, but not for the reasons he thinks so.

7 Sep 2020
The advantages of renting our new Range Rover HSE

HSE, short for High-Standard Equipment is proof of the high level of quality of interior / exterior finishes and technologies added to the Range Rover car. One of the best luxury SUVs on the market, with a sophisticated look and sport at the same time.

17 Aug 2020
How to choose a car rental company without taking risks

The risks in choosing a car rental company are high because frivolous companies can leave you empty-handed or can ruin your vacation with an inappropriate or defective car.

12 Aug 2020
Premium rental cars - Mercedes-Benz C Coupe & Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV

Two of our new acquisitions are the Mercedes-Benz C Coupe 220d and the Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV 220d 4Matic. Let's find out together why these two luxury cars are worth renting:

9 Jul 2020
Why to choose an electric car? - Our experience with BMW i3

Reliability, durability and sustainability

16 Jun 2020
Find out where you can return to Romania without the isolation period

Given that the situation regarding the victims of the Covid-19 virus has improved and the authorities have allowed the resumption of activities, we thought to provide you with some useful information if you are abroad and want to return to Romania

8 May 2020
Special offer of 50% discount on car rentals Cluj

Special offer, one you've never met before at the car rental service.


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