Special offer of 50% discount on car rentals Cluj

Special offer of 50% discount on car rentals Cluj

8 May. 2020

The opinion of our clients is the most important and that is why we value the feedback received from you. In most messages you appreciate the quality of services, the attitude of employees, cars, but also the promotions we do frequently. That's why we thought of a special promise, one you've never met before at the car rental service.

If you plan to travel during this year with a rented car, our offer may be of interest to you. During this period, you can benefit from a 50% discount on all cars in our fleet. You just have to choose the car that you want or that fits in the pre-set budget, pay the price reduced by half and use it when you need it.

Why you shouldn't miss this offer

You can benefit from a reduced price in a month without discounts

If until now our discounts had a well-established rental period, in this case you can benefit from the discount until the end of the year (December 15, 2020), if you pay now. For example, you can rent a car at a 50% discount in August, but you pay now, although in that month the price of the car will be full.

You can rent a car even if you are not sure when you will use it

Any car rental company in the country or in the world will ask you for an exact period when you book or rent a car. Well, we make an exception in this case! If you know what car you want and for how many days, it is perfect for us. Pay the amount and benefit from a 50% discount.

! The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to let us know 2 weeks before the visit in the country so that we can prepare your car and avoid the situation of being rented by another client.

You can rent a car from the premium range at the price of a car from the standard range

If you are a Mercedes fan and you really would have wanted to drive the Mercedes GLK car, at least on vacation, but it does not allow your budget, so opt for a Skoda Rapid, you must take advantage of the offer. If you pay now, you will benefit from a 50% discount, ie 23 euro / day for Mercedes GLK, ie the full price for Skoda Rapid.

Extension of the rental period

If you have paid a number of 5 days, but plan to stay in the country for another 5 days, there is no problem. The rental period can be extended depending on your needs, when you take the car from us. The added period will be at a normal price that you can pay on the spot.

The payment

The payment of the purchase is made online, and we will issue you a proof of payment and the reservation of the number of days paid with the chosen car.
Up to 50% Discounts throughout the summer, within the occupancy rate.
Up to 50% Discounts throughout the summer, within the occupancy rate.
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