Conditions for renting from BDV Best Auto 

How to make sure you get the best discount possible?

As you probably read on our website, we have significant discounts, not only during the holidays but throughout the whole year, within the limit of the occupancy rate.

What does this mean?

As the number of reservations increases, the percentage of our discount decreases .

So, if you want to benefit from the best possible discount, the secret is to think as little as possible!

We are waiting for you!


The car is rented in proper functioning state, clean inside and outside. Any observation regarding the state of the vehicle will be noted  on receiving the vehicle by the client. In case of suspicious or abnormal performance of the vehicle you are required to immediately pull over and announce the company's representative.
The rent and deposit/scdw is due in at the beginning of the rental contract. 
During very busy rental periods a 10% down payment is needed for booking a vehicle for you.
The vehicle has to be returned in the same condition as received, together with all documents and accessories given.
Any delays (exceeding 3 hrs) in returning the car as established in the contract will be reported to the police as suspicion of theft.

Book your holiday car now
to get a good price.

Book your holiday car now
to get a good price.
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