Conditions for renting from BDV Best Auto 

Our vehicles are rented in proper functioning state, clean inside and out. Any observation regarding the state of the vehicle will be noted  on receiving the vehicle by the client. In case of suspicious or abnormal performance of the vehicle you are required to immediately pull over and announce the company's representative.
The vehicles listed on the website represent all the existing models in our fleet, but their display is not a confirmation of their availability. After sending a reservation request, the availability of the chosen model will be confirmed by email/telephone or whatsapp by one of our representatives.

Please keep in mind that submitting a reservation request does not stand as a confirmed reservation!


The renting fee and deposit or SCDW insurance are due either at the beginning of the rental contract or in advance on confirming the reservation. The renting price includes the national mandatory insurance (RCA) and the vignette (road tax). These are valid only on the territory of Romania.

The minimum renting period is 1 (one) day except for Easter and Christmas when the minimum renting period is 10 (ten) days. During very busy rental periods a 10% down payment is needed for booking a vehicle; it is non-refundable in case the client cancels the reservation or is unable to pick up the vehicle at the location and hour confirmed in the reservation. Also, if the client opts for full payment of reservation in advance and cancels the reservation or is unable to pick it up at the location and hour confirmed in the reservation, a 10% amount will be detained.

During busy periods and due to a large amount of requests but also in case of unforseen situations such as accidents or technical failures, we reserve the right to offer you a similar model to the one we have previously confirmed. Refusal to accept it will not obligate us to refund your downpayment.
The vehicle has to be returned in the same condition as received, together with all documents and accessories given.
The vehicle will be delivered with a full tank, clean inside and out. If you are unable or do not wish to return the vehicle clean a cleaning fee of 12 eur/economy class, 15 eur/business class and 18 eur/premium class will be applied.
For any delays in returning the car at the hour established in the contract a full day fee will be applied. Any delay exceeding 3 hours will be reported to the police as suspicion of theft and a tax between 100 and 300 eur will bee applied depending on the value of the rented vehicle.
  • have a valid license issued at least 1 year before the rent date;
  • not smoke inside the vehicle. If any smoke / cigarette/ e-cigarette smell detected on returning the vehicle a fee between 50 and 200 eur will be charged depending on the value of the vehicle..
  • obey all traffic regulations;
  • not use the vehicle for the following purposes: passengers or goods transportation, towing other vehicles, drag racing or street racing, under-renting;
  • to comply with the number of passengers listed in the vehicle’s papers;
  • not drive under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs or other substances that could diminish the driving capacity;
  • to immediately inform the company of any vehicle misbehaviour ;
  • supervise the vehicle if left with key in the ignition or windows/ doors opened.

The client has to be at least 21 years old to rent a vehicle.
The person/persons in the contract are the only one allowed to drive the vehicle.
Renters must have a valid ID card and driver’s license for Romanian residents, and valid passport and international driver’s license for non-Romanian residents.
  • minimum rental period is 1 (one) day. 
  • rental price covers an average of 200 km / day. Extra km will attract a charge of 1 RON/km (0.2 eur/km) for the standard and business category and 1.5 ron/km (0.3 eur/km) for premium category.
  • in case the vehicle is not returned with the same amount of fuel as given, a charge of 2.5 EUR/liter will be applied;
  • the renter is the only one responsible for all fees due to violation of traffic regulations;
  • in case of lost or destruction of car keys a fee betwee  200 and 700 EUR will be charged;
  • in case of lost or destruction of vehicle documents a fee of 100 EUR will be charged.
The rental contract can be extended if the vehicle is still available and only if the rental fee is paid in advance.

In certain situations, the client can travel with the rented vehicle outside the borders of Romania, exclusively in UE countries and with the previous approval of the rental company. This aspect MUST be announced when confirming the reservation. The tax for traveling abroad is 100 eur and is needed for insurance coverage and power of attorney statements for drivers.
When driving the rented vehicle outside Romanian borders, customers must comply with the following conditions:
1. to provide a summary of their planned itinerary;
2. to present a valid credit card, which will be registered by the rental company to cover additional costs;
3. to assume responsability for paying all necessary road taxes, tolls and driving or parking fines ;
At the end of the rental period customers must present proof of payment of tolls, road taxes, bridge crossings or fines received during the trip.



A deposit of 250 to 1800 eur will be paid upon renting, depending on the rented vehicle model or a SCDW insurance ( Super Collision Damage Waiver). The deposit will be returned in full when the client returns the vehicle undamaged, clean and with all delivered accessories, to the place, date and time specified in the contract. The deposit will be paid at the beginning of the rental period, either in cash or blocked on a credit/debit card.

In the event the vehicle is returned very dirty, we have the right to retain the deposit until the vehicle is cleaned and the exact returning condition is determined.
The SCDW (super Collision Damage Waiver) is a complementary insurance for protectin against damages caused by fault of the client or a third party. It exempts the client from financial responsability in case of damages. It only partially covers the unfortunate case of total damage. In this case the client is obligated to pay an amount set between 500 and 2000 eur depending on the rented model. The SCDW does not cover consumed fuel, damages to tires and lower vehicle parts (chassis, engine block, oil pan and gearbox) due to a deliberate and negligent action or driving, as well as in case of vehicle accesories.
Both SCDW and deposit only cover the persons registered in the rental contract as drivers.
The deposit will not be returned and the insurance does not apply to:
  • damages done to the lower vehicle part due to negligent or intentional bad conduct;
  • damages caused by offroad driving;
  • damages done to intended accidents or caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or  drugs;
  • damages done during car races;
  • damages caused by unintended accidents when another driver than the contract designated one was driving.

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Book now your favorite car 
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