How to choose a car rental company without taking risks

How to choose a car rental company without taking risks

17 Aug. 2020
The risks in choosing a car rental company are high because frivolous companies can leave you empty-handed or can ruin your vacation with an inappropriate or defective car. Therefore, we recommend you to pay more attention in choosing the car rental company and especially the following aspects:


Reviews have become the best way to find out about a company or a product, being present on social media recipes, on Google and most often on the site. They reveal the sincere opinion of the clients and most of the times, the general experience they had.

In both the Google search engine and Facebook, reviews cannot be deleted by the company, which means that you will meet both pros and cons, so as to form a correct and complete image of the service.

Pay attention to the number of reviews! If a company has, for example, only 5 or 10 reviews all positive, they may not reflect reality. There is a possibility that these opinions are those of the team or those of their friends to create a beautiful image of the company.

Therefore, we recommend that you trust car rental companies with a large number of reviews, even if they are not entirely laudatory.
Car rental reviews

Car park

A company that invests in the car fleet, is a company that respects itself and that implicitly respects its customers. For example, new cars are high costs for car rental companies, and the rental price should be high. However, serious companies offer affordable prices to satisfy customers with a pleasant experience.

However, you can meet companies that declare on the site that they have the latest car models, but in reality they do not have those cars. If you want to rent them, they will offer you another option with the excuse that the new models are already rented. To avoid these situations, make sure you have access to real photos with the cars on the site or on social networks.
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Relevant information on the site

A company that respects itself will offer you, from the beginning, all the information related to costs and taxes. In this way, when signing the contract, there will be no additional costs that you did not take into account. I pointed this out because hidden taxes are a common practice in car rental services.

As I mentioned before, transparency also consists of real pictures with the equipment and not just the presentation pictures on the site. Surely you can trust a car rental company that offers you pictures of their cars, made by them in their own car park.
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Social Media

Communicating with customers is the key to the success of a company in any field. This also applies in this case.
Before you decide where to rent a car for travel, enter the social accounts of the companies you oscillate between. This may lead you to the best choice.

The way of communication, the photos used and the feedback received, will surely convince you which company to go to.
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Up to 50% Discounts throughout the summer, within the occupancy rate.
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