Car tips for the cold season

Car tips for the cold season

14 Dec. 2020

Unpredictable weather conditions in the cold season make driving difficult and can affect your car or rental car, as appropriate. In winter, in addition to changing tires, you must pay close attention to both the way you drive and the care of your car. Here are some tips to help you:

Check your car before starting

• Before starting the car, it is advisable to do some checks of the car to prevent unpleasant situations. Check the wipers because at low temperatures they freeze and are quite difficult to defrost.

• Check the battery! In the cold season, the car requires extra effort in terms of battery. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure that all electrical consumers are turned off before starting the engine.

• Before winter appears, make sure the air conditioner works optimally because you will need it set to high temperatures to quickly defrost the windshield.

After you start the car

• The best advice we can give it to you for winter is to drive smoothly, do not accelerate too hard and avoid unnecessary braking. The stopping distance on snow and ice roads is much longer than normal, so it is advisable to keep a more than reasonable distance from the car in front of you.

• Reduce speed, increase the distance to the vehicle in front and use fog lights when weather conditions dictate. For many drivers, fog is the biggest nightmare and rightly so. Visibility decreases, traffic is difficult and there is no pleasure in driving in foggy conditions.

•  If you start the long journey, it is important not to miss: chains, cables for the car battery, squeegee and defrosting liquid, snow shovel, map or updated GPS.

During the winter holidays, most of our clients return to us for the car rental service and we try to help them with everything we can for a pleasant trip, but especially safe. When renting a car I can opt for snow chains for only one extra euro, but also for GPS. If you also need a rental car, click here to discover our online car park.


Substantial discounts for the whole period of 2020, within the occupancy rate.

Substantial discounts for the whole period of 2020, within the occupancy rate.
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