Top 3 cars with the most beautiful interiors

Top 3 cars with the most beautiful interiors

23 Nov. 2020

You already know how much we are passionate about cars and beyond the power of a car and its reliability we are fascinated by design. When we want to buy rental cars, we start a whole debate with the whole team to make the best decision.

We are very proud of our latest purchases of premium cars and we want to present you the top 3 interiors that our cars have:

Mercedes-Benz GLC AMG line

Mercedes Rent a car ClujMercedes Rent a car Cluj

The new GLC Model stands out on the inside with the new digital cockpit, the fully digital dashboard with the intelligent multimedia system. You can easily use it as a smartphone with a touch command or voice assistant that activates the ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice command.

The middle of the dashboard is dominated by a portion of glossy black wood, which starts right below the infotainment screen with the 3 vents and then connects to the center console. Black is considered an ambassador of luxury and this is exactly what the interior of this car expresses.

The touchpad in the center console is easy to access and is completed by the control buttons on the steering wheel accessible by a simple touch. They are placed on a metal panel that blends perfectly with the logo and the rest of the silver accents on the board.

The elegant lines specific to the Mercedes brand are found in the design of the doors where there are also silver control buttons, beautifully integrated in the aesthetics of the interior.

The leather upholstery completes the exclusive ambience of this luxury rental car, which you must drive at least once.

Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport Rent a car ClujFord EcoSport Rent a car Cluj

Ford has invested heavily in the EcoSport model and compared to previous models, the evolution of the body and interior is obvious. Our range of premium rental cars includes EcoSport (standard version) and EcoSport Titanium Edition, both with a surprising interior.

The EcoSport Titanium model is equipped with the option of heating the steering wheel for a more pleasant experience for the driver, and on its surface are placed the most common buttons to be easy to access. Above the steering wheel are located the dashboard clocks that offer high visibility, between the clocks there is an attractive multifunctional color display, and at the bottom the rest of the indicators.

The tablet screen is positioned above the center console which has a lot of useful features (two USB ports, a charging point powered by 12v and two cup holders), storage space for almost anything and a folding armrest for the passenger.

The rear seats can be folded to create a flat loading area and impressive capacity. Besides the pleasure of driving it, it is also very comfortable for passengers.


BMW i3
BMW i3 Rent a car ClujBMW i3 Rent a car Cluj

The BMW i3 boasts a futuristic interior, highlighted by a wide windshield that offers excellent visibility and large side windows that allow natural light to flood the car's interior. It has a beautiful configuration, the light gray tone of the seats being the same as that of the dashboard and the side panels.

Instead of conventional dials, the BMW i3 has digital screens, and in the middle of the dashboard is of course a digital display that is controlled by the rotary controller. There is no transmission tunnel which gives it a unique character and more space in the front.

Equally unique is the design of the steering wheel due to the combination of colors, in our case gray and blue, both in a light shade and minimalist style that blends perfectly with the rest of the interior.

The BMW i3 is definitely one of the most attractive rental cars for everyone, regardless of age.


Substantial discounts for the whole period of 2020, within the occupancy rate.

Substantial discounts for the whole period of 2020, within the occupancy rate.
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