How does car rental work: a step-by-step guide

How does car rental work: a step-by-step guide

18 May. 2021

Renting a car can seem like a complex and complicated process at first glance. In reality, this is not the case at all. Car rentals are extremely simple, but you need to pay more attention to a few details. We have prepared for you a complete guide with all the steps that must be followed when renting a car:

Choosing a car rental company

The first step when you decide to rent a car is to choose a car rental company. In Romania, the car rental market has seen a visible growth in recent years, which is why more and more car rental companies have appeared. Thus, the offer is more varied, you benefit from more options in terms of car classes and more locations from which you can take the car.

Thus, in order to be sure that you have made the best choice, you must pay more attention to more details. Thus, choose several car rental companies in your city and read the reviews of each one to get a general idea about them. Then check if the car park is bidding and compare the prices. Do not forget! Although the temptation is to choose the most advantageous option in terms of price, this does not mean that you have made the best deal. In many situations, the price on the site is not the same as the final price. More information can be found in our article with tips on how to choose a car rental company.

Choosing the right car and booking it

The choice of the car is made according to several aspects: the number of passengers, the volume of luggage, the itinerary, the reason for the trip, etc. It is very important to choose the right car. The comfort of your trip is directly influenced by the car you are traveling with. 

After choosing the car, it's time to make the reservation. It is very simple! Select the desired car, the period for which you want to rent it and the pick-up and delivery locations. Also, at BDV Bestauto you can choose other additional options such as: child seat, GPS and snow chains. Then, fill in your personal details and payment method. All you have to do is wait for confirmation.


Insurance is extremely important when it comes to renting a car. Most of the time, the rental price includes the RCA insurance of the car, but it would be advisable to take a look at the complementary insurances as well. In unfortunate situations, where something happens to the car you are driving, these insurances can prove to be extremely advantageous.

At BDV Bestauto the insurances included in the contract are: helmet insurance, internal theft, passenger and luggage insurance; valid on the territory of Romania. In addition, the rental price includes the RCA and the rovinieta (toll) also valid on the Romanian territory.

 Taking over the car

When you go to the pick-up point of the car, don't forget to have all the necessary documents with you (identity card, driving license, passport, etc.). Then, before signing the lease, make sure that you have read carefully all the clauses of the contract and know the obligations of both parties.

Also, before getting behind the wheel, check the condition of the car and make sure that it corresponds to what is described in the rental documents. If you notice any irregularities, notify the staff of the car rental company. Be careful to avoid being held accountable for things you did not do.

 Handing over the car

The return of the car is made in the conditions in which it was taken over, together with all the documents and accessories, according to the delivery note. This also requires the car to be clean and the tank to be full, as it was when it was picked up. In addition, delivery is made at a time set with the car rental company, and any unannounced delay will be charged.


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Book now your favorite car 
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