Why would you want to rent a Mercedes GLK? – Car rental Cluj

Why would you want to rent a Mercedes GLK? – Car rental Cluj

7 May. 2020

If you want to drive a car with an imposing and sophisticated presence at the same time, we offer you Mercedes GLK, through the Cluj car rental service. Although it is not a new model, in 2012 it received a facelift with updates inside, outside and under the hood. This is how the Mercedes GLK became a car that exudes seriousness and prestige, being very easy to drive

G - from Gelandewagen, translated “Off-road vehicle”

L - from the “Lux”

K - from the “Kompakt”


Exterior design

Mercedes GLK is a compact all-terrain luxury car, a very attractive softroader. It looks like an off-road car, but it is optimized for urban driving, being suitable especially for people who do not prefer sportiness, but driving in relaxed conditions.

If you want a rental car that highlights your status, choose Mercedes GLK. The car has a straight design with sharp edges and almost vertical windshield. The clear lines underline the traditional values ​​of Mercedes and the elegance of the brand's cars. It is not for nothing that it contains L (Lux) in the name component.

Interior design

Inside, brand lovers will immediately notice the classic Mercedes style, which expresses durability through solid materials. The high driving position emphasizes, again, the status and prestige.

The automatic box is on board, which offers additional space, where you can store your phone, wallet or keys. The machine is also equipped with a detachable coin container and a separate place for cigarette ash.

On board, the clocks are classic, and the signaling is extremely obvious, the signaling indicators being positioned at the left / right end of the board, very easy to notice. The parking sensors are bright, emitting a sound only when you are very close to the curb.

If the passenger on the right is more demanding and always complains that it is too hot or too cold in the car, you have the option of biclimatronic, which will direct an air flow with a different temperature than yours. This way, you will both have a pleasant trip.

The seats are standard, semi-electric, easy to adjust. The lumbar support and height are electrically controlled, and the inclination is manual. The luggage rack is tall and spacious with a volume of 450 liters, which easily accommodates shopping or luggage for 5 people.

Mercedes GLK is an important competitor in the arena of Premium Crossovers with lively performance and reasonable consumption figures (9-9.5 in the city and 6.2 outside the city). The 2.2 Diesel engine is very reliable, maximum power of 170 hp / 3,200 rpm. Within the car rental service Cluj, this car is preferred to people traveling for business or couples traveling in pairs.

We are waiting for you at BDV Bestuato, the car rental company from Cluj Napoca for the newest rental cars and a good quality-price ratio.

Up to 50% Discounts throughout the summer, within the occupancy rate.
Up to 50% Discounts throughout the summer, within the occupancy rate.
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