What to choose when you go on vacation: your own car or a rented car?

What to choose when you go on vacation: your own car or a rented car?

2 Sep. 2022

Preparing for a vacation involves several things that you must establish in advance to have a successful vacation. So that in organizing your vacation, in addition to reserving the place where you will stay or scheduling the activities you want to do, another thing you must consider is the way you will move.

Currently, the car is among the most used means of transport when it comes to trips and vacations. But in order to have a perfect trip, it must meet all your needs and ensure a fast and safe journey. If the car you own cannot provide you with all this during the trip, then you could consider renting another car.

What will you choose? Own car or a rental car? In this article, I have prepared for you some situations in which renting a car is more suitable than a personal car.

You need more space

When you go on a vacation, it is important to make sure that there is space for all the passengers as well as for their luggage. If your car is not spacious enough, then you could opt for renting a car. With this, you can choose a much more spacious car, which has both a spacious trunk and enough space on the back seat for all passengers to have a comfortable trip.

Your car is not comfortable enough

During a long journey, it is extremely important that the car you travel with offers passengers the comfort they need. Precisely for this reason, if you are going on a long trip and you think that your car is not comfortable enough, it would be recommended to go for a rental car that will give you the reliability and comfort you are dreaming of.

You didn't have time to check your car

Just because you didn't get to check your car, this shouldn't stop you from going on vacation. With the help of the rent a car service, you can now reserve the ideal car for your trip, just a click away. In addition, due to the fact that rental cars are periodically inspected, you get rid of the stress that problems could arise during the trip.

Your car is not suitable for the type of road you are going to drive on

In the situation where you have planned a trip to the mountains, and the roads you are traveling on are not suitable for your vehicle, renting a 4x4 car to ensure a safe journey is the best option.

Avoid wear and tear on your car

Long drives can cause damage to cars, especially those that are old and prone to breakdowns, which will lead to quite expensive repairs. At BDV Bestauto, we have the newest models of rental cars that are subject to periodic checks. Thus, if your vehicle is not reliable enough, the rent a car service is the best option.


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