The most rented cars in the BDV fleet

The most rented cars in the BDV fleet

29 Oct. 2021
In recent years, the car rental industry has seen a huge development and so more and more people have turned to rent a car services. Choosing a rental car is your own decision, based on several criteria such as: rental cost, type of trip, available space, personal preferences, etc. Related to this topic, we have prepared for you an article with tips on how to choose the right rental car.

Considering all these aspects, we decided to find out what are the preferences, in terms of cars, of our customers and thus we made a top of the most rented cars in the BDV Bestauto fleet.

Dacia Logan SL Plus

The fact that Dacia Logan SL Plus is in the top of the preferences of those who use car rental services is not something that will surprise us. This is a state-of-the-art Logan model, being a car with an attractive exterior and offering a much more pleasant driving experience. Spacious, safe, with an advantageous rental rate, reliable and perfect for any type of road, Dacia Logan SL plus becomes a good option when you decide to rent a car.

Ford Focus III

Due to the large number of rentals, we have been shown that the Ford Focus III is a car worthy of consideration when using rent a car services. Its reliability, expressive design, generous facilities and the comfort it offers during the trip are just some of the pluses that determine our customers to rent it.

Ford Eco Sport

Among the preferences of those who rented cars from the BDV fleet is the Ford Eco Sport. The design and elegance of this car definitely attract all eyes. Designed to improve the driving experience, this car benefits from advanced technology, a full range of driver assistance systems, which make the roads less tiring and more economical.

Our range of premium rental cars includes Ford EcoSport (standard version) and EcoSport Titanium Edition, both with a surprising interior.

Seat Toledo

Seat Toledo is a perfect rental car for the whole family. Comfort, with a simple and spacious interior and good results in satisfaction and safety surveys, this car offers a fairly good value for money. Thus, it is not surprising that this model is today part of our top, of the most rented cars. From our fleet of cars you can rent Seat Toledo, standard version, Seat Toledo Style Edition and Seat Toledo Automatic Reference & Style Edition.

Skoda Rapid

Another car suitable for family travel and which is in the top of our customers' preferences is the Skoda Rapid. Why rent such a car? Well, the Skoda Rapid is a model characterized by reliability, comfort, safety, generous storage space and last but not least speed, as the name implies. Skoda Rapid can be rented from our fleet with automatic or manual transmission, on petrol.

Seat Leon

Seat Leon is a car that manages to offer passengers an improved driving experience thanks to its XCELLENCE equipment. This car is affordable and efficient, and combines versatility with elegance. At the same time, it is a family car, safe, quality and which seems to be to the liking of many of our customers. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to rent a Seat Leon manually or automatically, on petrol or diesel.

VW Tiguan

Due to its advanced systems and excellent dynamic characteristics, driving a Tiguan is a unique experience in itself. This German SUV offers a high level of safety, being equipped with intelligent technologies and driver assistance systems. Generous interior, equipped with numerous comfort assistants, non-vigilance equipped with modern technologies and spacious trunk are just some of the strengths of this car that make it a good option when it comes to rental. In addition, the Gypsy is a car that handles excellently in all road conditions, offering a safe, efficient and relaxing driving experience.

Mercedes Benz A 180

Undoubtedly, the success of this car in our car rental services is due to modern design and advanced integrated technologies. The Mercedes Benz A 180 needs almost no description. It is a luxury car, which offers increased comfort, with a very elegant interior and exterior design and which manages to easily attract everyone's attention.

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