Is SCDW insurance a good choice for your rental car?

Is SCDW insurance a good choice for your rental car?

16 Nov. 2021

Useful information about SCDW insurance


When using car rental services, it is good to know the obligations and responsibilities that this service involves.

Often, while traveling with a rented car, incidents can occur due to fatigue, carelessness or the fault of other drivers in traffic. For these unpleasant events, the rent-a-car companies include in the price a guarantee, which is returned to the customer if the car is delivered in the same condition in which it was taken over.

BDV BestAuto offers you the possibility to opt for the complementary insurance for total protection SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver).


Advantages of SCDW insurance:

  • if you choose for SCDW insurance and the rented car is damaged due to your fault (in compliance with the road legislation), you will not be charged extra;
  • get rid of financial responsibility in case of damage to the rented car;
  • the rates for this insurance are flexible for each car model and period;
  • it is optional for any car rented from BDV BestAuto;


BDV BestAuto offers this insurance as a premium option for drivers who want to be as careful as possible in traffic with a rented car.

Every driver, regardless of driving experience, traveling long distances and in less frequented areas, is prone to unpleasant road events. Often, various road accidents also occur due to other road users, sometimes being inevitable situations, but which cause inconvenience and of course, additional costs for the person driving a rented car.

For example, there may be an incident that could cause the car's windshield to crack or you may find the car hit in the parking lot and you don't know who is to blame. In these cases, if you have SCDW insurance, you will not have to pay anything, it is enough to say how the event happened.


How will SCDW insurance help?


SCDW insurance for rented cars complements the gaps that a classic collision insurance does not cover. This insurance was created out of the need to solve quickly, efficiently and economically, any traffic accidents.

Thus, if with the rental of a car, you want to have a safe and carefree experience, choose the complementary SCDW insurance offered by BDV BestAuto.


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