Myths about rent a car services

Myths about rent a car services

1 Jul. 2021
When it comes to rent a car services, you have certainly heard that renting a car is too expensive, the guarantee is much too high or that you have to pay for what others and many others have damaged.
In reality, however, all this is just erroneous information. That is why we decided to present you today the most famous myths related to rent a car services.

 Renting a car is too expensive

One of the most popular myths about car rental services refers to the fact that it is too expensive to rent a car. But the reality is different because important information is often omitted. In addition to the desired car and its fuel, the rental cost includes the guarantee of several things such as: insurance, cleaning, sanitation, personal comfort, safety, etc.

The warranty is much too large

The guarantee you have to pay when renting a car should not be a problem because this is just a clause often found in rental contracts, and in the end, the entire amount is refunded.

Cars rented are not clean

Another well-known myth when it comes to car rentals refers to cleaning and sanitizing cars. A car rental company that respects its customers will not take insufficient protection measures. At BDV Bestauto we always take care of our clients and the experience they have when they turn to our car rental service in Cluj. Thus, the cars are constantly sanitized and disinfected, ready to be rented safely.

You must pay for damages caused by others

An unknown perpetuated myth refers to the fact that you have to pay for the damages that are not caused by you. In reality, those who have used car rental services know that at each rental, the car is checked to find any problems. If, after taking over the car, you notice other defects that are not mentioned in the contract, immediately notify the representative of the rent a car company to avoid unpleasant situations.

You can do what you want with a rented car

Even if renting a car gives you great freedom, it is necessary to comply with all the obligations present in the rental contract. Precisely for this reason it is very important to read carefully what are the conditions of the rent a car company you turned to, what are your obligations, and if you have any questions, discuss with the company's staff.

If you have decided to rent a car, we are waiting for you at BDV Bestauto! Our car park is composed of new cars, constantly checked before and after each race, so that you can enjoy your trip in peace.

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